I have known a few chefs in my life, and I’ve noticed a couple of things that about them: most are either a**holes or alcoholics (sometimes both), and the best ones have a keen attention to the details of their craft. Fortunately, graphic designers are a much less extreme group overall and rarely fit the first part of that pattern, but one similarity remains: the things we make, make us – and the best designers take great care in what they do.

We want to be great designers, and We Need More is our grand gumbo, a communal pot of stew that we’ve been slow-cooking for a year now, just for you. It’s a meal that we’ve put together with the design community in mind and it is meant to be shared and enjoyed by all. We started with the idea itself, a recipe for an audacious road trip around a large swath of the United States with stops in different cities every night. We thickened up our creation with robust yet simple ingredients: classic, adaptable Univers for our all our type, a sparse and beautiful logo lock-up, and a commitment to allow all our individual design aesthetics to show through on the rest of our collateral. We’re now serving it all up hot through posters, t-shirts, videos, writings, postcards, a website, and social media posts.

The experiences of the trip itself will be the final icing on the cake. AIGA chapters in each city have been whipping up events to coincide with out visits. The final ingredient is you: we hope you enjoy this meal from start to finish!


Author’s Note: I sincerely hope no jolly, well-adjusted chefs were hurt during the making of this article. I know a few of those too.

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