During our time in NYC, we crossed the bridge to Brooklyn and the DUMBO district and spent some time at the Etsy Headquarters. Feeding my overwhelming love for Etsy, their headquarters was everything I hoped it would be. The whole place was a collection of neat and weird handmade things. The people working there were just as neat, and very welcoming to our crew. We were there for more than a tour though, and I was a bit nervous about my job on this day.

Me and Eli had been planning a workshop with Etsy open to the public, and for a couple hours we worked with people from Etsy, our group, and Brooklyn residents to make three dimensional type out of paper with them. The project I came up with was for everyone to make an adjective describing their childhood out of paper, so we could have a diverse group of words that we hung up on the wall at the end and Alli took some large format photos of the words.
This experience was incredibly out of my bubble, and therefore a growing experience. As people began showing up I started to get intimidated, but when I started talking to people and hearing their backgrounds, it got fun. Hearing the diversity of the people we were spending time with in this workshop was meaningful to me. Living in the same place my whole life, one of my goals on this trip was to experience places and people that are unlike the place I am from, and making things with people from all different places and backgrounds was instantly an eye opening experience. I genuinely hope that the participants enjoyed their time in the workshop as much as I did.

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