I’m now a designer.  I’ve become on this a trip a different thinker.  Design is now my main tool upon attacking problems in life and in my work; the world is a design and my design will now affect that world.  In Chicago I’ve learned a lot. Going from the corporate to the independent studio I’ve seen the gamut of the design world. 

At VSA we saw a company stay fresh and creative, despite being over 30 years old, and at Threadless we saw a company that was just a little over 7 years old growing and prospering in a new age of design. The world of design is huge.  This experience has garnered an opportunity for me that goes far beyond what the basic University is going to give to you.  When my fellow group-mates graduate, there are a few of us who are going to adopt this group.  We alone are going to be able to spread this on to the new designers in this country.  I know that I plan to push to get some influence in my own student group so that I can share what I’ve learned.

In design, I came from nothing.  I grew up learning the fundamentals of a fine artist, which are not different than a graphic designers, yet the mindset is different. I didn’t learn to brand myself, I didn’t learn to think creatively… in many ways I treat life as this beautiful thing that should be captured.  In reality, at least I’ve found, that life is a thing to be augmented by my beautiful thinking and all other designers.  We are influential and we think differently than the rest of the world, it’s our time to show the world we deserve a place at the major tables.

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