Tonight We Need More met with the very talented illustrator, Danny Gibson. He greeted us in his back yard with open arms, a welcoming home, and invited us down into his basement studio to give us a tour of his vast collection of work. He told us to roam around, pick up his artwork, take pictures, and ask questions…and so we did. It was in conversation with Danny where I began to realize what unique talent Danny had at his disposal. Danny explained that he came from a fine art background, and was most comfortable making and creating things by hand. Spread out on his work table, we sampled each and every poster and art work he had out on display. Amazing to see so much work in one area. Something that drew my attention the most was the hand done type he included on most of his posters. The bulk of this type came from found objects or materials he had on hand, including string, grass clippings, 3 dimensional wire, etc. He was his own type powerhouse. His work was unique, inventive, and irreplaceable.

If I were to make one adjustment in the way I approach design, it would be to follow in the freedom and passion that Danny incorporates into his work. He finds a way around obstacles, invents his own solutions, and doesn’t live by rules. More importantly, his style of design wasn’t defined in the way his work looked, but in the process he used to create the work. He would collage, assemble, and mix numerous mediums together.

Our tour is heading off into a great start. Tomorrow is another day, and I look forward to what we have in store.

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