When being part of the WeNeedMore tour evolved into the social networking event that it has, it pushed my knowledge of technology, comfort of design, and personal space. I have for quite some time been an avid texter. I enjoy the immediate info with little fluff, but spent minimal time on social networks like Twitter and Facebook. My aversion to becoming fully wired is what it takes away from life. Time is what is taken away, at least that is my prejudice.

Actively pursuing an MFA in Graphic design and being interested in educating future designers, I have accepted the challenge of becoming efficiently wired. It was gut wrenching at first as I felt like I was learning a new language. But it is my responsibility as a designer and educator to never stop learning. With a never quit attitude, I sent my first tweet.

As the tweets flowed and the posts uploaded, I quickly became more comfortable with the task at hand. Then it happened, I noticed that my creative labors were being replaced with rapid thumb movements. Self-fulfilling prophecy? Maybe, but I had become accustom to the ease to which design is being shared. The trip hasn’t even started and I am constantly debating with myself. Is this the kind of designer I want to become? Always holding my phone with the confidence that if I were not able to communicate, the world would cease to spin.

This tour is sure to expose both paradigms of design. I am jealous of the greats that do not have to engage because of reputation alone at the same time my students buzz around in this digital time, able to create.

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