Well, its officially a whirlwind, before we’d realized we were in Kansas City we’ve already moved through into Cincinnati. The experience so far has definitely been exactly what we’ve been looking for…MORE. Though we’re definitely getting MORE, what is it exactly that WE NEED MORE of? Thank you to those of you who have pointed this out and challenged us to focus the fuzziness.

Its not an easy question to answer considering the depth and width of what visual communication offers.  Willoughby is responsible for branding/identity and more. 2E specializes in working with clients involved in science and technology. Firecraker produces letterpress work. I could give many more examples of the breadth of specialties, but I’d also like to point out that as individuals we’re also digging deep in each of our own ways to become more proficient. I’ll use my self as an example.

I currently live in Steamboat Springs, a small town of about 10,000 people in northwestern Colorado.  I am not very financially stable – moving is out of the question for the temporary moment. Because this, the tour is a great opportunity to meet people in the design community and begin conversations with them in a way that is not possible through the internet. The design in Steamboat is obviously not the design in New York or even Fort Collins so these conversations give me a much richer sense of the possibilities and opportunities visual communication provides. They are bringing a conceptual depth to my understanding of the processes which visual communicators must endure in daily life to produce their work. This is very important to me considering the limited view I can see from Steamboat. Having said this each of us on the tour has a unique situation. We are all looking for different things.

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