Today in Indianapolis, we met with Brian Crain for lunch and learned about the thinking side of graphic design. He explained how important the process of thinking is. He said that you can’t be engaged in a process without being aware of the process. Thinking is a process, so you can’t be engaged in thinking without being aware of how you think.

Here is a good process that Brian showed us:

1. Find a problem

2. Find Facts

3. Define the problem

4. Find Ideas

5. Evaluate and Select

6. Plan

7. Accept/Sell an Idea

8. Act/Produce

Another important topic that Brian brought up was collaboration and how crucial it is. He mentioned that disagreements and miscommunication are killers of collaboration, and that we, at a young age, are wired to say “no” or “don’t” or “you can’t.” He said a good way to break out of this is to stop yourself from making negative comments on somebody else’s idea. When brainstorming, challenge yourself to build on other ideas instead of knocking them down or saying why they won’t work. In the words of Vanilla Ice, “Stop, Collaborate and Listen.”

Later we met up with some AIGA members of Indianapolis at Dean Johnson Design Inc. Scott Johnson, the owner, talked to us about how Indianapolis is a good city for entrepreneur designers. He also mentioned that it is important to show clients how you work and the process you go through to get to the final product. I really enjoyed seeing the enthusiasm of the AIGA members in Indianapolis. Its motivating to hear about other students who are learning the same things as I am and going through the same kinds of experiences as I am, and they live an learn 1000 miles away from where I live an learn. Indianapolis seems to be an exciting place for graphic design.

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