We Need More has landed in Two Rivers, Wisconsin. Being new blood I have never had the pleasure to meet with Jim Morran and tour the Hamilton Type Museum.  This experience played to two of my biggest passions, design and anachronisms.  The type there allows for unlimited creativity and yet it’s not a new technology, in actuality it’s some of the oldest design implements in history being over a hundred years old.

The group spent the day sorting through the last few boxes (or at least latest) in the museum.  After sorting through some awesome type which hasn’t been touched since the museum has opened and probably even longer (around 13 to 40 years) we had the opportunity to make a poster.  We got to make one poster and it was a very collaborative piece comprised of all the type we took out of the boxes.

If you get the chance to work or even just visit Hamilton, you absolutely should.  I have thouroughly enjoyed every minute in Two Rivers (despite the spiders!) and I have learned how important it is to sustain our history.

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