I am a creator. Unfortunately, writing is not my specialty. I feel that I do not have the words to adequately describe my experiences and give a reader even a sense of what took place. With that disclaimer in mind, I just left New York. There were no ordinary moments. It felt like another country that I desperately wanted to immerse myself in. While every bit of NY was wonderful, the event I will never forget was my visit to the Vignelli’s home.

Aside from recognizing Massimo and Lella Vignelli as legends in the design industry, I have always felt a personal connection with them. Lella is an incredibly strong woman in the design field, and she has succeeded as an individual as well as in a partnership with her husband. This husband wife dynamic has been compelling to me since the day I heard that the two of them deliberately design everything that surrounds them.

As I sat in a chair designed by Lella, and listened to Massimo divulge pieces of knowledge gained through years of creating remarkable work, I realized that the two of them make each other great. To have a person to collaborate with, or even just to filter ideas through is an incredible advantage. The idea that two minds are greater than one is something I believe whole heartedly. I have been told, “never date another designer.” For me it is not a problem, it gives me an unusual amount of strength in even the small pieces of work I create because I know there is a trained pair of eyes looking over everything I produce.

Massimo and Lella are not the only husband wife team operating out of the Vignelli home. Beatriz Cifuentes and Yoshi Waterhouse are the second half of the current Vignelli team. The talented and cordial designers met working for the Massimo years before. Their ability to work together while very clearly giving each other the credit they deserved was inspiring to me. All four of the designers working under the Vignelli name presented the image of a strong team, while there is no doubt they each bring individual skills to the table. It was an honor to meet Lella, Massimo, Beatriz and Yoshi. I am certain it is an experience I will never forget.

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