The origin of We Need More had its roots in a trip we had embarked on last summer. Traveling back home from Hamilton Wood Type Museum, we knew we wanted to do the trip again, and make it bigger. Motivated by the fact that we could enhance our experience with design, plans set in early in the fall of 2010. After many group meetings, in depth planning, and figuring out logistics, early spring had this idea taking form.

The 10 of us involved range from being sophomores, seniors, and recent graduates (like myself.) All of us on this journey to discover what it is we can learn outside of Colorado and integrate into our personal careers. Each city we’ve visited so far has exceeded our expectations. The relationships we’re forming are priceless. It was AIGA St.Louis that posed the question, “What do you need more of?” Everyone in our group answered a little differently. For some, it was career advice while others sought professional opinion.

The reason I am on this trip is so that I can see what else is out there. I’ve lived in Colorado for most of my life. I’ll admit I have this isolated view of design and how it extends beyond the category of advertising. I need to see what design is capable of. I need reassurance that I’ve chosen the right career path for myself. I need to see where I fit in, and where I can leave my mark. I have no doubt that by the end of this trip, I’ll have new purpose for why I am a designer.

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