So here I sit, 5:30am with a just over twenty-four hours until we leave on this thing. Olaus and I are on the home stretch of coding the We Need More site and we are approximately 2.5 Nos Energy drinks into what will turn out to be another all night affair. We’re blasting “Love you like a love song” Selena Gomez and for two tall skinny white guys living in Fort Collins, I’d say it seems pretty uncharacteristic of us. But it’s served as a rally song, and we’re back in the zone.  I’m searching for some kind of concept or profound thought to elaborate on but I just keep coming up with a feeling of gratitude.I’m thankful for this group of incredible people that I’m willing to spend 17 days with.  I’m thankful for all the beers, sandwiches, red bulls and genuine support I have received from everyone.  Thank you all. I’m most thankful for where this project has taken me as a designer, thinker and person. A good friend once told me that “passion is without regard to consequence” and considering my recent circumstances I’ll buy into it. At the expense of my body, bank account and summer I’ve arrived at a point in which i am mentally and physically exhausted, but can barely contain my excitement for what’s to come.  I’m incredibly excited to share this experience with people. I’ve learned so much on this journey but most importantly, Selena Gomez makes terrible music. Goodnight.

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