About We Need More

In 2010 AIGA Colorado premiered the film Typeface: The Movie. The Colorado State University student AIGA group was so inspired that we traveled to Wisconsin that summer for a three-day workshop at the Hamilton Wood Type Museum. On the journey home, we were buzzing with creative energy: our eyes had opened to the potential of educating ourselves through travel and building relationships.

That potential is important because, let's face it, the world is filled with talented, capable designers. Instead of being indifferent and accepting our role as simply more people with degrees in graphic design, we decided to take action. The We Need More Summer 2011 tour is our attempt to bridge the gap between education and professional practice.

We leave from Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado on August 4. Our first stop on the tour is Kansas City, followed by Saint Louis, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, New York City and Chicago. Along the way we will stop in Niles, Michigan, home of the French Paper Company, and Two Rivers, Wisconsin, for a Hamilton reunion. The tour concludes in Minneapolis on August 20.

This trip is about dialogue and exploration. The AIGA chapters in each of these places have been gracious enough to welcome us into their communities and show us what makes their cities and design culture unique. We will be sharing these experiences through blogs posts and videos on we-need-more.com and aiga.org. Our goal is to take these local views of design and draw connections that benefit students, professionals and AIGA organizations across the country. Although fast paced, this journey will be thoughtful, and we hope inspiring and maybe even hilarious.