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by Kyle Olsen

Outside of an outrageously expensive internet cafe, though they are not as tall like further north, the jagged sky dicing mountains of the Andes stand. Inside the cafe, a young man is making a quite deliberate choice. Though fully conscious of this choice, the choice is also being made instinctively and with a feeling of rawness. It is difficult to tell what the future holds. He thinks, “Yes, I am going to stay in South America for another three months.” He begins the call to American Airlines and it is done. Right now he is in Ushuaia, a small tourist town squeezed between the mountains and the Beagle Channel, where he’ll be for the next week’s time. Ushuaia is in Tierra del Fuego, an island and province of Argentina as far south as one can go without crossing icy cold waters to Antarctica. Continue Reading

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