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Bonjour Monsieur French

by Anthony Satriano

Apparantly the French Paper Company is named after the family who started it and has nothing to do with France. They do have awesome paper though!

I know I’ve always taken paper for granted, but after visiting their paper mill in Niles, Michigan I will never do that again. They make many different kinds of paper in different colors and finishes. After taking a tour, we sat down to talk about paper choices and I realized that paper choice isĀ  a large part of any print project. A choice that shouldn’t be made without some thought put into it. Brian French, the sixth generation owner, explained that after putting in all the time and effort into a project, a designer shouldn’t devalue it by using whatever paper you have on hand. Put paper choice into the process of anything you design because good design on bad paper brings down the quality of the project while good paper only adds to its quality. They said that even if you only use good paper for an envelope or a cover or any small part of a project, it still adds an extra bit of pizazz to your piece.

French Paper Co. prides themselves on being environmentally friendly by using hydroelectric power and by offering many recycled paper choices. They also said that the harvesting of trees for paper isn’t as detramental as people think. There are tree farms that plant just as many trees as they cut down. They also said that there are more trees now than there were 100 years ago, so customers shouldn’t feel bad about buying good quality paper for their projects.

The final thing that Brian French wanted to stress to all students is that, contrary to what people may have heard, French paper is not expensive or hard to get. They said orders can arrive in two to three days at normal shipping costs (and obviously rushed for extra). So check out their website, take a tour of their mill if your ever in Niles, and start making your print projects look a cut above anyone who doesn’t use French Paper.

Au revoir!

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