The Group

Olaus Linn

Gentleman scholar with swiss-army-knife-talents: web, print, and motion graphic design. Say hello to me on Twitter or see some of my work on Dribbble!

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Joey Gudenas

Designer, illustrator and pixel pusher, VP of @AIGACSU and avid Corgi fan. I am too tall to be an astronaut.

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Bethany Chambers

A graphic designer and illustrator with a love for chickens and all things lovely. Visit me at and contact me for any conversations or questions!

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Eli Marco Hall

eli marco hall, designer, illustrator, educator and believer in all thing universal.

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Sean Kessel

I'm a graphic designer navigating a new direction, looking to make a positive impact on the world. I'm soaking it all in, ready to leave my mark.

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Kyle Olsen

With family/friends and interests in Japanese martial arts, I work progressively in design and landscaping. As well, I value the natural.

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Alli Jones

Alli Jones, photographer, painter, illustrator, member of we need more, and appreciator of scheimpflug principle.

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Anthony Satriano

Designer, Illustrator, and enthusiastic learner!

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Derrick Burton

Designer, Illustrator, reader, dreamer, monster maker, cartoonist, and We Need More member!

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